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We design and install highly decorative and robust landscapes with an emphasis on low maintenance and drainage correction.

Surface Drainage Correction, Drain Tile, Rain Gardens

A re-grade usually involves removing existing earth around the building and replacing it with our drainage correction material. Many times we will have to install new window wells for the new grade.
Our drainage correction material is a crushed limestone product. The fine material in this product packs tightly forming a water repellant non-absorbing layer. This material forms good surface drainage correction and is ideal for re-grading around the house.
A re-grade with drainage correction material is topped with 2 layers poly sheeting and river rock ground cover, and solves most surface drainage problems around the house.
Down spouts hookup to drain pipe. The drain pipe is terminated in the back yard with a drain pipe emitter designed to allow water to exit and keep out debris and critters.

Drain tile installed properly allows drainage where a surface drainage needs an assist.
The dirt from the trench is placed on 4'x8' plywood sheets. This protects the lawn and eases backfill.
-Note: Aproximately 1/3rd of the excavated fill from a 16 inch depth trench will need be hauled out of the area.
Drain pipe here is 4 inch perforated in a silt sock.

Drain tile and a French Drain combined add a natural look for the smaller garden yard with a flat grade.
Here we were able to dry up a wet location and add interest.
More photos of this job can be seen on the paver walks page.
We didn't have room on this job, but where space is available, this water path can lead to a rain garden. A rain garden is a small holding pond which provides a place for at least some water to collect and soak into the ground, rather than all run off onto the street.
Rain Gardens provide an oportunity for a variety of growing conditions along the sides and bottom.
A rain garden can be constructed as simply as excavating a shallow area 4 to 16 inches in depth, covering with landacape fabric, optional rock ground cover. Mulch will float away. Planting is the same as any other. Verticle sides can be used with natural sone wall rock. We like to have the entrance shallow. Normaly we are routing water from other areas with perforated drain pipe under ground. Where a grade already exists, a slight re-grade may assist water towards the rain garden without the need for drain tile.

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