Landscape Maintenance

Do you want a well-maintained property, but just don’t have the time? Let Arbor Landscape and Irrigation do it for you. Our experienced crews know the area like the back of their hand.

Mowing and lawn maintenance is a big part of most landscapes. Our crews will identify your yard’s needs and maintain it using best practices. Each lawn is different, and each turf type has different needs. We use smaller mowers for smaller yards to avoid extra strain on your grass. We have larger mowers for those big areas too.

Mulching helps with weed control and plant health. We can do that for you. We can also put out new pine straw. Weeds are often a problem in our area, but Arbor handles that too.

Pruning, trimming, and plant health are important. No one wants overgrown, or worse, dying shrubs and plants in their yard. Arbor Landscape and Irrigation will properly prune shrubs to maintain the desired size. They will remove any dead spotted in existing plants, and even remove any plants that didn’t make it.

Leaf clean-up is a big concern for most homeowners every fall in our area. Our crews will clean them up for you. We can leave them in a designated area to decompose or remove them all together!

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